EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology (SEAHA)

The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology (SEAHA) is an 8-year initiative (2014-2022) to establish an infrastructure to meet challenges set by the heritage sector, industry and government.

Heritage presents complex cross-disciplinary scientific and engineering research questions, ideal for talented graduate students to address. Working with heritage and industry partners, SEAHA students create, innovate or use sensors, instrumentation, imaging, digital and creative technologies to improve our understanding of heritage, to develop science and engineering capabilities and to benefit the economy.

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Fabiana Portoni publishes paper on the application of a technique to measure pesticide residues in contaminated museum artefacts

SEAHA aligned student Fabiana Portoni, alongside her supervisors Professor Matija Strlič and Dr Josep Grau-Bové, has recently published an article in the journal Heritage Science from Spinger Nature. The paper entitled “Application of a non-invasive, non-destructive technique to quantify naphthalene emission rates from museum objects” focuses on the development of an application to measure volatile pesticides […]

SEAHA students present at the ICON conference in Belfast

The Institute of Conservation’s (ICON) triennial conference took place in Belfast from the 12th to 14th of June. Hundreds of delegates from numerous national and international universities, research institutes, conservation practices and heritage organisations were present for three days of conference sessions and special events. SEAHA was well represented, with papers by Cristina, Martin and […]

Jenny Richards publishes research investigating the deterioration of earthen heritage by wind and rain

Oxford-based SEAHA student Jennifer Richards has recently published her research ‘a controlled field experiment to investigate the deterioration of earthen heritage by wind and rain’ in Springer Heritage Science. Earthen heritage is one of the oldest and most universal forms of heritage with sites dating back to the Neolithic and being found of every continent. […]

SEAHA student publishes research on multiple identities from burial evidence in the Beaker period

SEAHA student Richard Higham (UCL/University of Brighton) has recently published two papers on his research investigating variation in grave assemblages and the construction of social identity during the Beaker period (2450BC- 1650BC). Working alongside his supervisor Dr Chris Carey (University of Brighton), Richard analysed collections and archives of Beaker burials from Devizes museum, Keiller museum, […]

SEAHA Students Win Prestigious Journalism Award

Four students from SEAHA have won the Dr Katharine Giles science blog award at the 2019 Association of British Science Writers’ (ABSW) awards ceremony, held at London’s Science Museum last week, for the their work as part of UCL Culture’s Researchers in Museums team. Alexandra Bridarolli, Cerys Jones, Mark Kearney and Anna Pokorska all work […]

Hacking Heritage Science

The Heritage Science Hackathon was organised by a group of SEAHA students, led by Ida Ahmad, Rosie Brigham and Gavin Leong. Funding for this free event was generously provided by Trellis: Community Partnership Building Events and the Octagon Small Grants Fund. The Heritage Science Hackathon took place from 18-19th May at UCL Here East in […]

The latest SEAHA cohort attend Hellens Manor

Kira Zumkley, SEAHA MRes student, recently wrote an article on her blog about the current MRes cohort’s trip to Hellens Manor. The article is reposted here: Hellens Manor, located in the village of Much Marcle in Herefordshire, is one of the oldest dwellings in England. Owned and administered by the Pennington-Mellor-Munthe Charity Trust, the house […]

SEAHA and ISH research on epidemiology for heritage collections published in Heritage Science journal

Former Institute for Sustainable Heritage (ISH) student, presently SEAHA student Cristina Duran-Casablancas has recently published a series of papers on wear and tear in archival and library collections in the journal Heritage Science, with her supervisors Dr. Josep Grau-Bové, Prof. Tom Fearn and Prof. Matija Strlič. An intrinsic value of archival collections is that they […]

Lucie Fusade publishes paper on curing conditions of lime mortars in Journal of Cultural Heritage

SEAHA alumna Lucie Fusade has recently published an article in the Journal of Cultural Heritage with supervisor Heather Viles called ‘A comparison of standard and realistic curing conditions natural hydraulic lime repointing mortar for damp masonry: Impact on laboratory evaluation’. The setting and hardening process of fresh mortar is governed by the temperature and the relative […]

Ian Maybury publishes on imaging Armenian manuscripts in journal Heritage Science

SEAHA student Ian Maybury, alongside researchers David Howell, Melissa Terras and Heather Viles has published the paper ‘Comparing the effectiveness of hyperspectral imaging and Raman spectroscopy: a case study on Armenian manuscripts’ in journal Heritage Science. Hyperspectral imaging was originally developed for remote sensing. It allows the characterisation of a scene by providing a reflectance […]

SEAHA Conference Announced 1-3 April 2019

We are pleased to announce that the 2019 SEAHA Heritage Science Conference will take place 1-3 April 2019 at the University of Oxford. We welcome researchers, academics and heritage professionals to join us in discussing the latest research and issues in cultural heritage conservation. Delegates will learn from peers via workshops and practical sessions, and experienced […]

Application of new methodology developed from heritage building information modelling to address historic buildings needing maintenance or repair after earthquakes.

Book now: Built Heritage Public Lecture on BIM for earthquake damage

We are pleased to announce that the SEAHA Built Heritage Group and UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage are hosting a public lecture on the 19th September: ARIM (Assessment Reconstruction Information Modelling): A BIM procedure to prevent and reconstruct earthquakes’ damages – Prof. Tommaso Empler and PhD student Adriana Caldarone, from Sapienza University of Rome. Book your […]

The ‘SEAHA CDT collection’ in journal Heritage Science

Following multiple successful publications, we are pleased to announce that SEAHA now has its own collection within journal Heritage Science; ‘The SEAHA-CDT collection’. The SEAHA CDT collection showcases research papers produced by students  studying at our Centre for Doctoral Training, Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology based at UCL, University of Oxford and […]

SEAHA Conference 2018 a Resounding Success

SEAHA Centre for Doctoral Training’s (SEAHA CDT) fourth annual conference, held 4-6th June 2018 in London, was a resounding success. Over three days, over 100 heritage science professionals and students gathered in central London to hear the latest research from our esteemed keynote speakers, a wide selection of podium speakers, and more than 50 research posters. There […]

Cerys Jones presents poster at SIAM Conference on Imaging Science

SEAHA Student Cerys Jones presented a poster at the Society of Industry and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) conference on imaging science in Bologna from 5th – 8th June. Cerys presented her poster on image registration of multispectral images of heritage artefacts, including manuscripts from UCL Special Collections and London Metropolitan Archives. The research involved comparing two […]

Keats Webb PhD research into heritage science topics with the centre for doctoral training SEAHA recently presented at imaging conference. Webb presented research on modifying a digital camera for 2D and 3D spectral imaging of cultural heritage documentation.

Keats Webb presents paper on using digital camera for heritage imaging

SEAHA student Keats Webb recently presented the paper ‘Spectral and 3D Cultural Heritage Documentation using a Modified Camera‘  at the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. Webb’s paper presented the characterisation of a modified digital camera to investigate the impact of the modification on the spectroradiometric and geometric image quality with the intention of […]

Cerys Jones winning STEM for Britain poster on multispectral imaging for heritage science on Leonardo de Vinci drawings, with MP Andy Slaughter and fellow poster presenter Anas Imtiaz.

Cerys Jones STEM for Britain poster available online

SEAHA student Cerys Jones‘ poster, which was selected for the STEM for Britain poster competition, is now available online. Cerys’ poster showcases her work imaging three Leonardo de Vinci drawings, housed by the Royal Collection Trust.  Using multispectral imaging, Cerys was able to enhance features not seen to the naked eye revealing how Leonardo built […]

Rosie Brigham's Institute for Sustainable Heritage master's research which asked the public to contribute to heritage science by submitting pictures via social media. The research was published in Angewandte Chemie journal.

Let visitors do the science – Rosie Brigham’s research on citizen science data in Angewandte Chemie

SEAHA MRes student Rosie Brigham alongside her supervisors has demonstrated that heritage site visitors can use their smartphones to obtain good measurements of colour. The research, which measures the uncertainty of crowd-sourced measurements, has been published in Angewandte Chemie. Through this research, the quality of crowd-sourced measurements taken by visitors to historic sites has been quantified […]

Angewandte Chemie issue & editorial on Heritage Science

Prestigious chemistry journal Angewandte Chemie has published a special virtual issue on heritage science, featuring numerous contributions from both SEAHA staff and students. SEAHA deputy directory Prof Matija Strlic opens the issue with an editorial on the definition and future of the cross-disciplinary field, showing not only its deep routes in chemistry but also other physical and […]

Dr Kalliopi Fouseki nominated for teaching awards

SEAHA supervisor & UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage lecturer Dr Kalliopi Fouseki has been nominated for two UCL Union Student Choice awards. Nominated directly  by students, the student choice awards offer students the oportunity to thank and celebrate staff they appreciate at UCL. Kalliopi was nominated for the Diverse and Inclusive Education Award which recognises staff […]

SEAHA ‘Student Engagers’ at UCL Museums

Four SEAHA students are joining the team of ‘Student Engagers’ at UCL Museums. Student Engagers are postgraduate research students at UCL who aim to broaden public engagement with research by sharing their knowledge and making connections between their own research and the collections at UCL. Alexandra Bridarolli, Mark Kearney, Anna Pokorska and Cerys Jones will […]

Student Laura Arcidiacono co-authors paper in Angewandte Chemie

SEAHA student Laura Arcidiacono has co-authored a paper ‘Egyptian grave-goods of Kha and Merit studied by neutron and gamma techniques‘ in journal Angewandte Chemie. The intact burial assemblage of Kha and Merit was discovered in 1906 in Egypt when the Italian Archaeological Mission (MAI) located the underground tomb; its entrance was hidden by a landslide […]

SEAHA & ISH research on deterioration of silver gelatine photographs published in Heritage Science Journal

UCL Institute of Sustainable Heritage (ISH) student Jacqueline Moon and SEAHA supervisor Dr Katherine Curran have published research exploring the connection between yellowing in silver gelatine photographs and image silver migration in the journal Heritage Science.  Silver gelatine photographs were the most important type of photographs from the 1880s to the 1960s and are present […]


In keeping with the vision of the 4th International Conference, SEAHA will explore the development in the heritage science field and to encourage communication and collaboration in this field. During the conference, SEAHA will work together with ICOM-CC on the organization of the roundtable for emerging professionals on 6th June. We are really pleased to […]

Natalie Brown’s research on Chinese paper characterisation published in Heritage Science Journal

SEAHA PhD student Natalie Brown’s research investigating the chemical and physical properties of 19th and 20th C Chinese paper has been published in Heritage Science. Her work specialises in analytical methods that can be used to characterise this paper, specifically in view of its stability and potential conservation issues. Natalie also explored non-destructive methods of […]

SEAHA CDT Built Heritage’s inaugural Public Lecture

On a snowy 28th February, the SEAHA Built Heritage Initiative welcomed Sjur Mehlum to give the group’s first public lecture at Historic England’s offices in central London. The SEAHA Built Heritage Initiative is student run group whose members are SEAHA students who are interested in or work with built heritage.  Members of the SEAHA CDT […]

SEAHA Conference Registration Open!

We are pleased to announce that registration for the 4th SEAHA Conference is now open! All the information are available here. The SEAHA Conference series is interested in joining high-quality interdisciplinary scientific research in cultural heritage with open dialogue among international academics, professionals, practitioners, entrepreneurs and policy-makers. SEAHA is excited to announce its partnership with ICOM-CC Scientific […]

SEAHA Student to Present Research in Parliament

SEAHA student Cerys Jones has been selected to present her research at the STEM for Britain poster competition on Monday 12th March. Held at the House of Commons, STEM for Britain aims to showcase and support the work of Britain’s early-career researchers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Cerys will be presenting on a recent […]

SEAHA Conference in collaboration with ICOM-CC

SEAHA is excited to announce its partnership with ICOM-CC Scientific Research Working Group in the organizing a roundtable for emerging professionals on 6 June 2018 in conjunction with the 4th International Conference on Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology (SEAHA) that will be hosted by the Institute for Sustainable Heritage, University College London (4-6 June). For further […]


There is a new and exciting addition to the SEAHA facilities available for our students: the new Institute for Sustainable Heritage lab in Here East which will operate in addition to the Heritage Science Lab in Bloomsbury. Located in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the new facility has three spaces for experimental work including imaging […]

Research involving SEAHA Student covered in the Media

SEAHA student Cerys Jones appeared on the BBC News on New Years Eve along with Professor Adam Gibson and Dr Kathryn Piquette. Two projects involving multispectral imaging of Ancient Egyptian artefacts were featured. One such project involved the multispectral imaging of the Egyptian coffin lid at Chiddingstone Castle (read more about this here), in which […]

SEAHA featured in Historic England Research Magazine

We are pleased to have been featured in the latest edition of Historic England Research, ‘Discovery, innovation, and science in the Historic Environment.’ The issue spans diverse topics and also features the new Historic England Research Agenda that they hope will encourage more collaboration with academic researchers. Historic England are an invaluable SEAHA partner and […]

2018 SEAHA Conference Call for Papers-Deadline extended

After Oxford and Brighton, SEAHA International Conference comes back to London! It will be hosted by the Institute for Sustainable Heritage, University College London, 4-6 June 2018. The SEAHA Conference series is interested in joining high-quality interdisciplinary scientific research in cultural heritage with open dialogue among international academics, professionals, practitioners, entrepreneurs and policy-makers. The 4th SEAHA International […]

SEAHA at UCL Postgrad Open Day 6th December

Interested in finding out more about SEAHA, UCL Institute of Sustainable Heritage, and our funding opportunities? We will be at the UCL postgraduate open day from 2-7pm on 6th December. Current SEAHA students and academics will be on hand to answer your questions and to tell you more about what it’s like studying for your […]

World Science Day: SEAHA on BBC Radio Oxford

To mark World Science Day – 10th November 2017 – SEAHA student Hayley Simon appeared on BBC Radio Oxford’s breakfast show live from project partner Diamond Light Source; the UK’s national Synchrotron facility. During her interview with the BBC’s Paul Jenner, Hayley discussed the on-going collaboration between Diamond and the Mary Rose Trust, rusty cannonballs […]

SEAHA welcomes its fourth cohort of students

This academic year we are pleased to be welcoming our fourth cohort of students to the SEAHA CDT. Seven new students are joining us at the Institute of Sustainable Heritage at UCL to study the MRes in Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology before they start their PhDs across UCL, Brighton and Oxford. […]

Success at ICOM-CC Conference 2017

The UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage made an impact at the recent International Council of Museums Committee for Conservation (ICOM-CC) Triennial Conference in Copenhagen, which ran from the 4-8th September 2017. ICOM-CC has over 2600 members from all over the world, covering every aspect of the museum and conservation profession.  The ICOM-CC Triennial Conference is […]

Student Natalie Brown surveys the collection at the Istituzione Biblioteca Classense in Ravenna

Throughout September SEAHA student Natalie Brown has been conducting an innovative collection survey at Istituzione Biblioteca Classense in Ravenna, Italy. The project is a collaboration with Floriana Coppola, a SEAHA-aligned PhD student from the University of Bologna, who has recently spent six months working at the Institute for Sustainable Heritage, UCL. The survey aims to […]

Mobile Heritage Lab visits the National Museum Wales

This blog post was originally published as ‘A Mobile Laboratory Visits the Museum’, by Dr Christian Baars, Senior Preventive Conservator at the National Museum Wales There are times in life when a problem and its solution come together seamlessly. The problem – one which every museum faces: cryptic causes of deterioration of stored objects. The […]

SEAHA’s Mobile Heritage Lab in The Vyne and National Trust

The Mobile Heritage Lab has pitched up at the Vyne as the roof of the National Trust property receives substantial conservation work. The Vyne is a historic country house near Basingstoke in Hampshire; a handsome mixture of 16th century Tudor brickwork and later classical additions. After the winter storms of 2013 uncovered some major leaks […]

2017 SEAHA Conference Breakout Sessions

Now is the time to sign up for breakout sessions! The 2017 SEAHA Conference programme includes two one-hour sessions on 20 June designed to provide hands on experience, an inside look, a demo or discussion opportunity to conference attendees. ICCROM will lead a panel discussion “Designing for Research Impact” looking at what makes research impactful […]

Third year SEAHA students visit Pisa

In March 2017, third year students travelled to the SEAHA partner, CNR-ISTI (Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell’Informazione), Pisa, Italy as part of this year’s cohort activities, organized by the University of Brighton. The Visual Computing Laboratory at ISTI are leaders in the field of applying visual technologies (computer graphics, vision, image processing, 3D scanning […]

Registration is open for the 3rd SEAHA Conference

Registration is open for the 3rd SEAHA Conference at the University of Brighton on 19-20 June 2017. This conference follows two successful preceding events at the University College London (2015) and University of Oxford (2016). Each year over 150 delegates were brought together from 20 countries to engage with and discuss emerging trends in the […]

SEAHA Mobile Heritage Lab at the British Science Festival in Brighton

Brighton and Sussex Universities will be co-hosting the British Science Festival from 5th-9th September 2017. The SEAHA Mobile Heritage Lab (MHL) will be in Brighton on the final day to enable the public to learn about heritage science and ongoing PhD research. The British Science Festival brings together scientists, engineers, technologists and social scientists to […]

ICOM-CC Conference 2017: a success for SEAHA students!

SEAHA students will be presenting papers and posters at the ICOM-CC Conference in September 2017 in Copenhagen and achieved unprecedented success with six accepted abstracts. The conference of the International Council of Museums – Committee for Conservation (ICOM-CC) is a prestigious event with usually up to 800 delegates from all over the world [1]. This is […]

SEAHA Student Panos Andrikopoulos makes 40 under 40 list

SEAHA students Panos Andrikopoulos is named as one of the 40 under 40 most promising lighting designers in the Lighting Design Awards. The 20 men and 20 women – selected from over 250 applications – hail from 16 different countries, including Iceland, Turkey, Australia, India, China, Brazil, the US, Mexico and Sweden. The 40 professionals […]

SEAHA Smell of Heritage Research in the Media

Research showing how heritage smells could be identified, analysed and documented, and thus preserved, was published in a paper in the journal Heritage Science, by Cecilia Bembibre, SEAHA PhD student, and Matija Strlic, Professor of Heritage Science at UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage. The research revolves around a particular heritage smell which most of us […]

SEAHA Trip to Isle of Portland 2017

The second year SEAHA students were found to be enjoying the lovely weather and splendid views on the Isle of Portland last week (27 March – 2 April 2017). Not just a holiday but a good opportunity to put our skills to use “in situ” on three of the island’s treasures; Portland Museum, Portland Castle, […]

The Museum Lighting Symposium and Workshops

We are proud to announce The Museum Lighting Symposium and Workshops; an event organised by SEAHA students and supported by SEAHA and the Society of Light and Lighting. The event shall take place at UCL, on the 11th and 12th of September 2017, and “aims to explore all recent research and applications in the field […]

SEAHA Student Panos Andrikopoulos Gives a Keynote Talk

SEAHA student Panos Andrikopoulos was keynote speaker at the 1st Greek Lighting Design Symposium, 2 Feb 2017. LED technology has created many opportunities and challenges for museum lighting. Projects like the Lighting of the Sistine Chapel and the Mona Lisa, realised as collaborations between lighting scientists and professionals have opened new grounds for the museum […]

SEAHA on Channel 5

SEAHA student Cecilia Bembibre’s research was featured in the first episode of Channel 5 new series Secrets of the National Trust with Alan Titchmarsh, aired on the 7th February 2017. In a dialogue with the host, Cecilia explored the heritage significance of the well-known musty, sweet smell of decaying books. In collaboration with Knole, one […]

In Memoriam: Professor David Arnold (1951-2016)

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Professor David Arnold on the 25th October 2016. David was one of the pioneers of SEAHA and was, up until earlier this year, the SEAHA Co-Director for University of Brighton. A memoriam by University of Brighton is available here: https://www.brighton.ac.uk/about-us/news-and-events/news/2016/11-10-professor-david-arnold-1951-2016.aspx. With the agreement of […]

Tate Modern to host New Approaches in the Conservation of Contemporary Art (NACCA) event

New Approaches in the Conservation of Contemporary Art (NACCA) is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network through which 15 early stage researchers are investigating a fascinating and varied set of as yet under-explored aspects of contemporary art conservation. The topics addressed by the researchers range from looking at strategies for the conservation of computer-based artworks […]

SEAHA Student awarded bursary by Sapienza University of Rome

SEAHA PhD student Danae Phaedra Pocobelli has been awarded by Sapienza University of Rome with the Concorso per corsi di perfezionamento all’estero (Competition for specialisation courses in foreign countries) prize. The award aims to support young and skilful Sapienza graduates to continue their studies either with specialisation courses and in the research field. Danae is […]

SEAHA and the Royal Society of Chemistry engage with schools

The event, run in conjunction with the Royal Society of Chemistry, showcased the use of scientific methods by SEAHA researchers, to understand our heritage and prolong its lifespan. The topics highlighted how this science links to fundamental topics covered during A-Levels as well as the many different career paths opened up by studying science at 3rd […]

Tate Britain to host Cleaning Modern Oil Paints event

Cleaning Modern Oil Paints (CMOP – a joint programming initiative in Cultural Heritage), in collaboration with the Modern Oils Research Consortium (MORC), invites you to join them at Tate Britain, London on Friday 11 November 2016, 10 – 12am. This gathering offers participants an opportunity to contribute case studies, discuss a cleaning problem that has […]

SEAHA Residential 2016

Thirty-six SEAHA students, supervisors and staff attended the annual SEAHA Residential at the Malmaison Hotel in Oxford on October 3rd and 4th, 2016.  This event marks the start of the academic year for SEAHA and gathers together everyone involved in SEAHA across UCL, the University of Brighton and the University of Oxford.  On the first […]

SEAHA Microfadeometry Training Day

In collaboration with UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage and the Heritage Science Group of the UK Institute for Conservation, SEAHA students Carolien Coon and Betty Sacher in collaboration with their external supervisor Dr Jacob Thomas of the University of Gothenburg, organised a training day in microfadeometry on the 9th of September. The ten participants got […]

SEAHA student receives Canadian doctoral scholarship award

SEAHA is proud to announce that Scott Allan Orr is in recipient of a 2016/2017 award from the Canadian Centennial Scholarship Fund (CCSF). He is one of fifteen Canadian students to be selected this year. The committee evaluates applicants for their academic standards, but also assess their ability to communicate their research and passion to […]

Inaugural SEAHA Special Seminar – a great success!

The SEAHA Special Seminar in Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imaging took place on 30th June 2016 at Wolfson College, University of Oxford. https://www.wolfson.ox.ac.uk/ Over 70 delegates met together for a varied selection of excellent presentations described by one as “one of the best conferences I have been to in the last 5 years. For me personally […]

SEAHA partner the Mary Rose Museum celebrates reopening

SEAHA partner the Mary Rose Museum has celebrated it’s reopening following a £5.4 million revamp. The Mary Rose Museum, located in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, has two SEAHA doctoral Studentships and opened in 2013. The Tudor warship will now be visible through floor to ceiling windows and a balcony.  Speaking on the day of the reopening […]

Cecilia Bembibre wins best poster award at CHEMCH 2016

Cecilia’s poster on volatile organic compounds in museums, presenting research on the significance of smell as part of the heritage experience, was awarded the first prize at the 4th International Congress Chemistry for Cultural Heritage (CHEMCH) conference in Brussels last week. The poster was selected among 52 entries and was presented by Cecilia Bembibre, 2nd-year […]

SEAHA Student Carolien Coon interviewed by BBC Science Radio

Carolien Coon, a SEAHA Phd student had first-hand experience of the benefits of disseminating research through the right channels and how this can lead to further opportunity to reach a wider audience and possible further future collaborations. A short article she wrote on research conducted at UCL ISH as part of the Nanorestart project for […]

SEAHA – Engaging with Industry

The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage & Archaeology (SEAHA) is proud to have partnered with many industrial, heritage and research organisations before and since its inception in 2014. Collaborations are varied and include research collaborations, public engagement events, providing access to facilities and funding SEAHA Studentships. SEAHA prides […]

2nd International SEAHA Conference 2016 – a great success!

The 2nd International SEAHA conference took place on 20-21 June at the School of Geography and the Environment at Oxford University. The Annual Conference is a student-led initiative of the EPSRC-funded SEAHA Centre for Doctoral Training, which is a partnership of UCL, Brighton and Oxford universities. The conference was organised by a committee of SEAHA […]

SEAHA Special Seminar in Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imaging

SEAHA are delighted to announce a Special Seminar in Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imaging, taking place at Wolfson College in Oxford on Thursday 30th June 2016. Why Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imaging? Multispectral and hyperspectral imaging are making big news in heritage science with almost weekly ‘discoveries’ being reported in the Press. A relatively new technique developed […]

SEAHA student Panos Andrikopoulos chairs #MuseumHour

#MuseumHour is a Twitter chat happening every Monday, at 8pm BST focused on museum and heritage topics. SEAHA student Panos Andrikopoulos ( @Phil_Kimby ) and fellow student Danny Garside ( @da5nsy ), were invited to chair the #MuseumHour conversation on Museum Lighting. The discussion started from what consists “good museum lighting” and quickly evolved to […]

SEAHA Student Cecilia Bembibre Sniffs out Historic Smells

Cecilia Bembibre, 2nd-year SEAHA student at UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage, has recently completed training in chemical and sensory analysis of odours with Odournet SL, industry partner in her Smell of Heritage project. Working in the company’s laboratory in Barcelona, Cecilia has analysed samples of historic value from National Trust’s property Knole House. The combination of […]

SEAHA presents the Heritage Science Podcast

Today* marks the launch of the brand new Heritage Science Podcast, a series of monthly 45-minute episodes about all aspects of heritage science, organised and produced by students of SEAHA. Every month, we’ll be talking to heritage practitioners, academics and students, to better understand the subject that straddles the boundary between science and the arts. […]

SEAHA student Carolien Coon interviewed for Scientific American

Carolien Coon, 2nd-year SEAHA student at UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage talks about her research in the April 2016 issue of Scientific American, on degradation of plastics in collections. Carolien’s research focuses specifically on photostability of rapid prototypes, some of which are known to discolour in a matter of months. These materials are difficult to study as […]

SEAHA Mobile Heritage Lab visits Brighton for EAC Symposium

The Mobile Heritage Lab participated in the European Archaeological Council (EAC) symposium in Brighton. 50 conference delegates visited the laboratory facilities during their visit to the site of the Long Man of Wilmington. In the lab, Josep Grau-Bové (MRes Assistant Course Director) and Lik Ren-Tai (Mobile Heritage Lab Driver and Lab Technician) explained the research carried […]

Successful SEAHA Year 1 Student Field Trip

Year 1 SEAHA students (MRes year) just returned from a field trip in Herefordshire. We carried out our research in a privately owned historic mansion with stunning history, amazing building fabric and unique collections. Three research topics were developed with the extraordinarily helpful house managers: (i) effect of the recently installed central heating, (ii) multi- and […]

“Creating Future Masters in Heritage Science”

SEAHA has been described as “ground-breaking” by the Science and Engineering South (SES) Consortium in their recent newsletter. SES is a  consortium of six research intensive universities, including the University of Oxford and UCL. To read the full article, please visit the SES website.    


On the 17th of June 2016, SEAHA doctoral student Hend Mahgoub will present her research  in a talk at the conference of the Institute of Conservation entitled “Turn and Face the Change: Conservation in the 21st Century” in Birmingham. Hend’s topic focuses on scientific characterization of materials properties of Islamic paper and she will present a new non-destructive […]

SEAHA Students to present their research at “Indoor air quality in heritage and historic environments” Conference

On the 3rd and 4th of March 2016, SEAHA doctoral students Sarah Hunt and Yun Liu will each present a research posters at a two day conference entitled: “Museum Pollution : Detection and Mitigation of Carbonyls” held in Birmingham. Topics include information on new trends in pollution monitoring, understanding the levels of risk to collections, cross disciplinary projects, the […]

EAC Student & Early Career Symposium on Digital Archaeology

Call for Papers: Abstract deadline 29 January 2016 16-17 March 2016, Brighton, United Kingdom. The annual European Archaeological Council (EAC) Symposium focusing on Digital Archaeology will be held in March 2016 in Brighton, England. The aim of this year’s EAC symposium is to explore exciting developments in digital technologies and consider how they may become embedded […]

National Heritage Science Forum (NHSF) welcomes new Chair

On 16th December 50 people gathered at University College London for the National Heritage Science Forum’s second Members & Friends event. Attendees had the opportunity to visit the SEAHA Mobile Heritage Lab, a unique research and public engagement vehicle that is a joint initiative of UCL, University of Oxford and the University of Brighton, before hearing […]

SEAHA students visit the Wren Library in St.Paul’s

Last week, our first-year students visited the Wren Library in the monumental St.Paul’s Cathedral in London. The visit was part of Module 2 of the MRes Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology, and we were warmly welcomed by the Librarian Joseph Wisdom, and the Collections Care Manager Simon Carter. We are very grateful […]

Dates announced for the 2nd International SEAHA Conference 2016

We are pleased to announce that the 2nd International Conference on Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage, and Archaeology (SEAHA) will be hosted by the University of Oxford on June 20–21, 2016. www.seaha-cdt.ac.uk/seaha-conference-2016/ An international conference on heritage science, emerging techniques, innovative research and best practice for the conservation, interpretation and management of cultural heritage. […]

SEAHA Students launch the Heritage Science Research Network (HSRN)

SEAHA is delighted to announce the launch of the Heritage Science Research Network (HSRN), a SEAHA student led initiative which aims to connect heritage scientists and researchers in pursuing the conservation, interpretation and management of our heritage. The Heritage Science Research Network aims to: Provide a platform for gathering and engaging heritage science and related researchers, professionals and practitioners for the […]

SEAHA Residential 2015

On the 13th and 14th October 2015, SEAHA welcomed a group of 30 students, project supervisors and colleagues to Brighton for the Annual SEAHA Residential. Over the course of the two days in Brighton, students received a detailed overview of the SEAHA Programme, met with project supervisors to discuss their projects and visited the Royal […]

Mobile Heritage Lab takes part in Hampton Court 500 celebrations

Science behind Henry VIII’s tapestries This year Historic Royal Palaces celebrates the Hampton Court Palace 500 year anniversary. As part of this programme, the Science Team at the Conservation and Collections Care Department organised an “Ask the Conservator event” on Heritage Science, held on Friday 18 September 2015. The SEAHA Mobile Lab went to Hampton Court Palace to […]

SEAHA Conference 2015 – “The Future of Heritage Science” – Round Table Discussion

Following a successful first International Conference, SEAHA is delighted to present the recording of the Round Table Discussion entitled “The Future of Heritage Science”. Featured panellists include: Professor May Cassar (University College of London), Professor Heather Viles (University of Oxford), Prof. David Arnold (University of Brighton), Kate Frame (Historic Royal Palaces), Robin Higgons (QI3), Scott […]

SEAHA Partners with University of Rome Tor Vergata

SEAHA are delighted to announce a new partnership with University of Rome Tor Vergata. With a strong grounding in cultural heritage research, Tor Vergata offers many programmes at Degree and PhD level. For more information please check out their profile on the SEAHA Research Partners Page or visit their website direct: http://web.uniroma2.it/

Churches Conservation Trust wins International Award

Congratulations to SEAHA Partner, The Churches Conservation Trust , who have won an international award at the recent European Heritage Awards Ceremony held in Oslo, Norway. The Conservation Trust were one of the winners of an EU 2015 EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards, in the category for Dedicated Service.  For more details about the award, please visit […]

Doctoral course on Sciences and Materials of the Cultural Heritage from Pollution to Climate Change , 5-7 October 2015

The Council of Europe and the European University Centre for Cultural Heritage are holding their final meeting on a series of courses exploring pollution and climate change with reference to the major materials of cultural heritage. The 2015 Course aims to provide high level training for scientists, urban planners, engineers, architects, Cultural Heritage managers focused on […]

SEAHA and Petrie Museum Collaborate for On Light Event

SEAHA are very pleased to announce their partnership with the Petrie Museum for On Light! As well as being able to join our heritage scientists in our Mobile Heritage Laboratory to learn how hyperspectral imaging and UV light radiation can aid in material identification and art historical investigations, visitors will also be able uncover hidden […]


The UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage is delighted to announce the appointment of Josep Grau Bove as Lecturer in Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology (SEAHA). Josep studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Tarragona and History of Science at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, before joining the former Centre for Sustainable Heritage in […]

On Light Event, 2015

SEAHA are pleased to announce their participation in On Light, a two-day UCL festival celebrating the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies, in partnership with Wellcome Trust. Join our heritage scientists to learn how infrared, ultraviolet, and thermal imaging can assist in the understanding of an object’s material composition, art historical investigations as well […]

SEAHA Student 3D Scanning at the Freud Museum

During the week of 23-27 March, our very own Keats Webb will be 3D scanning select collection objects in the Study of the Freud Museum, and presenting 26 March.  The presentation will look at the infrared and 3D imaging techniques that are being used to document the Freud Museum objects and some of the current imaging results. […]

The Freud Museum joins SEAHA

SEAHA and the Freud Museum are delighted to announce that the Museum is joining the family of SEAHA partner institutions. The Museum was the home of Sigmund Freud and his family when they escaped Austria following the Nazi annexation in 1938. The centrepiece of the museum is Freud’s study, preserved just as it was during […]

SEAHA, ITN Digital Cultural Heritage and the Heritage Consortium Jointly Organise the 1st SEAHA Conference

SEAHA is delighted to announce that the EU FP7 Marie-Curie Action Project: Initial Training Network on Digital Cultural Heritage (ITN-DCH)  as well as the Heritage Consortium decided to jointly organise the 1st SEAHA conference. This brings together three exceptional training initiatives and covers the entire remit of heritage research: scholarly, digital, material and environmental. We are looking […]

1st International SEAHA Conference: Thank you!

Thank you to all attendees, presenters and exhibitors at the 1st International Conference “Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology”, 14 & 15 July 2015 at UCL, London. We hope you enjoyed the diverse programme of talks and posters and that you caught up with colleagues and made new ones. This was the first SEAHA […]

SEAHA Vacancy

We are seeking to appoint a Lecturer in Science and Heritage to undertake teaching, research and related activities within the UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage, in particular to support the delivery of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology (SEAHA) a collaboration between UCL, the University […]

SEAHA Studentships for 2015 – coming soon!

We will soon be advertising a full range of projects for SEAHA scholarships to start in September 2015.  Please watch this space for further details of the heritage science opportunities on offer. Projects will be fully funded by EPSRC for 4 years for UK residents (see the EPSRC website for eligibility requirements: http://www.epsrc.ac.uk/skills/students/help/eligibility/).

SEAHA Sandpit

Nearly 50 scientists and heritage professionals from the Natural History Museum, English Heritage, UCL, University of Oxford and University of Brighton attended a very successful SEAHA ‘sandpit’ today. Hosted by the Natural History Museum, the aim of the sandpit was to generate research project ideas for future SEAHA scholarships. Further information regarding SEAHA projects to […]

Arius Technology donates 3D Scanner to SEAHA

UCL’s successful EPSRC bid for a Centre for Doctoral Training in Science and Engineering in Arts Heritage and Archaeology (SEAHA) has attracted keen industry and heritage support, especially among museums. Arius Technology, the high-resolution scanner manufacturer, is donating a start-of-the-art 3D colour scanner to the new Centre for Doctoral Training in Science and Engineering in […]

Centre for Doctoral Training in Science and Engineering in Arts Heritage and Archaeology