Mobile Heritage Lab

The Mobile Heritage Lab is a unique research and public engagement vehicle. It is a joint venture of University College London, the University of Oxford and the University of Brighton, and it is funded by EPSRC.

The Mobile Heritage Lab is available to any institution or organisation that wishes to apply, through our online application form, to use it for research and public engagement projects. It is part of the SEAHA CDT, and will aid the delivery of projects related to the research of SEAHA students. The purpose of the ‘Lab-on-Wheels’ is to make Heritage Science as accessible as possible, bringing the innovative science developed by SEAHA students to the places where it is most needed.

Users of the Mobile Heritage Lab will have access to scientific equipment from leading laboratories that participate in SEAHA including UCL, Oxford and Brighton. The equipment covers different areas of heritage science interest, such as environmental monitoring, imaging and chemical analysis. The extensive range of instruments available, allows the contents of the Lab to be reconfigured on-demand. It includes ground penetrating radar, hyperspectral cameras, a weather station and pollution monitors, to name only a few.

Read some testimonials of visits we’ve done in the past here.

In order to apply, read the Project Guidelines and have a look at the Online Application Form. Feel free to contact Dr. Josep Grau-Bové if you want to know more.

Centre for Doctoral Training in Science and Engineering in Arts Heritage and Archaeology