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From ancient mummies to crumbling towers, join as the students of SEAHA explore the landscape of heritage science in the brand new Heritage Science Podcast.

Every month, we’ll be talking to heritage practitioners, academics and students, to better understand the subject that straddles the boundary between science and the arts.

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Episode 8 – History of Heritage Science

Guests: Philip Campbell, May Cassar, Matija Strlic
Presenter: Hayley Simon
First released: 16th August 2017

In episode 8, Sir Philip Campbell, editor-in-chief of Nature, Professor May Cassar and Professor Matija Strlic from the UCL Institute of Sustainable Heritage, take us through the origins of Heritage Science, the challenges of interdisciplinary work and possible future directions for the field.

Episode 7 – Heritage Innovations

Guests: Steve Trow
Presenter: Hayley Simon
First released: May 29th 2017

In episode 7, Steve Trow, director of research at Historic England tells all about the heritage science research undertaken by one of the UK’s largest institutions, including Must Farm, ghostbuster backpacks and wobbly lorries.

Episode 6 – Polluted Building Models

Guests: Danae Pocobelli, Josep Grau-Bove
Presenter: Hayley Simon
First released: February 1st 2017

In episode 6, Dr Josep Grau-Bove from UCL’s Institute for Sustainable Heritage and SEAHA student Danae Pocobelli explain how polluted buildings are being examined and recorded with cutting-edge computational models.

Episode 5 – 3D Heritage

Guest: Mona Hess
Presenter: Hayley Simon
First released: October 3rd 2016

In episode 5, Dr Mona Hess from UCL’s 3DIMPact group tells presenter Hayley Simon about the cutting edge technology used to scan, record and print heritage objects and buildings. From cameras on drone-back to tiny microscope coupled scanners and augmented reality, listen as we explore the range of ways 3D technology can be used in heritage contexts.

Conference Special

Special episode of the Heritage Science Podcast, reporting from the 2nd International Conference on Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology.

Event Date: 20-21st June 2016
Location: University of Oxford, School of Geography and the Environment

Thanks to all delegates who participated in the recording.

This conference was organised by SEAHA CDT, endorsed by the Institute of Conservation and the National Heritage Science Forum, with support from the Analytical Division of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Further Details can be found at:

Episode 4 – Fakes

Guests: Alexandra Bridarolli , Nicholas Eastaugh and Ian Freestone
Presenter: Hayley Simon
First released: July 6th 2016

In episode 4, guests Dr Nicholas Eastaugh, director of Art Analysis and Research, UCL Professor of Archaeological Materials and Technology Ian Freestone and SEAHA student Alexandra Bridarolli discuss how to spot a fake from a real artifact or work of art. To end the show, presenter Hayley Simon provides an update of the latest Heritage Science news.

Episode 3 – Historic Buildings

Guests: Martin Michette, Rachel Morley and Martin Coombes
Feature interview with Selina McCarthy
News feature by Mark Kearney
Presenter: Hayley Simon
First released: June 1st 2016

In episode 3, guests Rachel Morley from the Churches Conservation Trust, Oxford University’s Dr Martin Coombes and SEAHA student Martin Michette discuss graveyards, castles and ruins, as they explore how to keep historic buildings standing. Meanwhile, SEAHA centre manager Selina McCarthy tells all you need to know about the SEAHA CDT. Rounding off the show, Mark Kearney returns for his regular monthly news update.

Episode 2 – Modern Materials

Guests: Mark Kearney, Susan Mossman and Emma Richardson
Feature interview with Alexy Karenowska by Martin Michette
Presenter: Hayley Simon
First released: May 2nd 2016

In episode 2, guests Dr Susan Mossman, curator of science materials at the Science Museum; UCL History of Art Material Studies lecturer Dr Emma Richardson; and SEAHA student Mark Kearney discuss the challenges museums face when dealing with modern materials. Meanwhile, Martin Michette talks to Dr Alexy Karenowska from The Institute of Digital Archaeology during the unveiling of a replica Palymra Arch in Trafalgar Square. Rounding off the show, presenter Hayley Simon brings us the latest news from heritage science research.

Episode 1 – Egypt

WARNING: Due to technical difficulties, there is an issue with the audio quality of this episode and a slight echo can be heard. We are aware of the problem, and it has been fixed for future episodes. 

Guests: Cerys Jones, Chris Naunton and Thilo Rehren
News feature by Mark Kearney
First released: April 1st 2016

In episode 1, guests Dr Chris Naunton, director of the Egypt Exploration Society, and SEAHA student Cerys Jones discuss the role of digital technology in understanding and preserving ancient Egyptian heritage. Meanwhile, presenter Hayley Simon catches up with Professor Thilo Rehren from UCL Qatar to find out the latest about the restoration of Tutankhamun’s golden death mask. Rounding off the show, SEAHA student Mark Kearney brings us up to speed with this month’s top stories from heritage science research.

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