Heritage science is continuing its growth as a field and as part of this year’s conference programme, we aimed to expand the sector and community by supporting transdisciplinary conversations and collaborations. We are happy to share the following the conference programme.

    Time 4-Jun-18 5-Jun-18 6-Jun-18
    8:45-9:30 Registration Registration Registration
    9:30-9:50 Opening address Natural History Museum – application of imaging and analysis to cultural and science heritage projects

    Chris Jones

    Heritage science economics: a social framework

    May Cassar

    9:50-9:55 Earth Observation for archaeological research and cultural heritage management and monitoring. Approaches, case studies and new perspectives

    Nicola Masini

    9:55-10:15 Session topic: Analysis of challenging materials and collections

    Violin varnishes: nanomechanics and advanced chemical analysis
    Marianne Odlyha

    Compatibility between traditional ground layers and 3D printing materials
    Bartolomeo Megna

    Custom made gecko-inspired dry adhesives for heritage conservation
    Jacek Olender

    roundtable for emerging professionals

    Lynn Lee
    (GCI and ICOM-CC)
    10:15-10:55 Session topic: Novel technologies for monitoring Cultural Heritage

    Monitoring moisture content in historic timber-frame buildings with replacement infill panels
    Christopher Whitman

    Preventive Conservation and 3D – A photogrammetry protocol for deformation monitoring
    Amandine Colson

    10:55-11:30 Poster session
    Coffee break
    Poster session
    Coffee break
    11:30-11:55 How can BIM help to the understanding and preservation of the historic environment?

    Edonis Jesus

    Books and Beasts: Parchment manuscripts as a biological archive

    Matthew Collins

    11:55-12:35 Session topic: Building information research in Heritage Science

    Tracing back architectural spaces using the 3D laser scanning of ruins
    Bernadette Devilat

    Interdisciplinary study of hidden and invisible polychromies of the Basel Cathedral
    Tiziana Lombardo

    Session topic: Bio-chemo archaeology in Heritage Science

    The metagenome of the York Gospels
    Matthew Teasdale

    Characterisation of excavated Napoleonic artefacts from the Berezina and Waterloo battlefield using neutron and x-ray techniques
    Duncan Atkins

    Closing remarks
    12:35-13:45 Lunch break
    food not provided
    Lunch break
    food not provided
    13:45-14:10 European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science
    Luca Pezzati
    Data science

    Sofia Olhede

    14:10-14:50 Session topic: Developing research infrastructure

    A gel electrochemical cell for in situ assessment of patinas and protective coatings for metals
    Emilio Cano

    Mobile Nuclear Magnetic Resonance as a Tool for Cultural Heritage Research
    Maria Baias

    Session topic: Dealing with big data in Heritage Science

    Understanding Original Materials through Shared Scientific Reference Sample Collections
    Fenella France

    Crowd-sourced data in preventive conservation of large library collections
    Natalie Brown

    14:50-15:35 Poster session
    and coffee break
    Poster session
    and coffee break
    15:35-16:00 Austerity, Sustainability and Heritage Science

    Baroness Margaret Sharp

    Citizen Science and the Zooniverse

    Grant Miller

    16:00-17:00 Session topic: Evidence supported policy making

    Emissions from PU insulation products- discovering the known unknowns
    Dzhordzhio Naldzhiev

    Building resilience of cultural heritage to natural disasters: the role of preventive conservation and valorisation
    Antonio Sgamellotti

    Engaging with industry to characterize volatile emissions from museum display case materials
    Elyse Canosa

    Session topic: crowd sourcing and participatory research

    Crowdsourcing conservation: using visitors photographs to help manage and conserve heritage sites
    Rosie Brigham

    Use of 3D Printing in the Exhibition Hall: Museum Visitor Preferences
    Paul Wilson

    Mapping the resilience of the York historic centre to enhance the community local flood culture
    Alessandra Sprega

    17:15-19:00 Pre-bookable tours
    British Museum and
    Heritage Science Laboratory
    Pre-bookable tours
    British Museum and
    Heritage Science Laboratory
    18:00-21:00 Evening reception
    (Beach Bar at the Montague)
    Evening reception
    (22 Gordon Str.)
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Poster Session 3rd International SEAHA Conference 2017.
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