Industrial Supervisors

Each student has multiple supervisors: academic supervisors, of which one will be primary and the other one subsidiary, industrial and heritage supervisors.

Industrial supervisors oversee the elements of SEAHA students’ work that are of relevance to the company involved in their project. They also supervise the student’s work while the student is conducting research at the company.

Anders, Manferd

ZFB GmbH – Zentrum für Bucherhaltung GmbH

Dr. Anders is a chemist and the Managing Director at ZFB. He is also the head of R&D department at ZFB. His speciality is in Cellulose-, Paper- and Textile-Chemistry. Manferd received his PhD on “Analysis of paper ageing and preservation of damaged papers by deacidification and consolidation.” at the University of Stuttgart. From 1999 to 2007, he was a member of the IADA board (professional association of paper conservators). Since 1997, he is Course instructor at the Buchbinderkolleg Stuttgart (chemistry for conservators). In addition, Dr. Anders is a member of many projects  targeting cultural heritage such as “InkCor”, “SurveNIR”, “MIP”,  “Nanoforart” and “NANORESTART”.

Angus, Ian

Carden & Godfrey Architects

Ian Angus Dip Arch, RIBA, AABC, is a Director of Carden & Godfrey Architects.  He has been involved with repairs and modifications to many historically significant buildings and is retained as the inspecting architect to churches in the dioceses of London, Southwark, Rochester, Oxford and Chelmsford, the Churches Conservation Trust and to the buildings of Worcester College, Oxford.

Bannon, David

Headwall Photonics

David Bannon is President & Chief Executive Officer of Headwall.  He is responsible for shaping the Company’s vision and corporate strategy for commercialization of spectral imaging sensors and imaging data products.

David has pioneered the technology of spectral imaging from its roots in the military & defense community into new application areas within the cultural preservation & conservation sector.  As an area of focus, David has introduced Headwall’s technology as a critical tool to analyzing priceless objects of antiquity around the world.

He has authored numerous technology and application articles and has established key patents in the area of hyperspectral and multispectral imaging and spectral data processing algorithms.

Curteis, Tobit

Tobit Curteis Associates LLP

Tobit Curteis runs a practice specialising in architectural conservation with a particular interest in the diagnosis and control of environmental deterioration in historic buildings. He works in the UK and abroad for clients including Historic England, the National Trust, Historic Royal Palaces, Heritage Malta and the World Monument Fund. He is an external consultant for the Building Conservation and Research Team at Historic England and is the National Trust’s Advisor on Wall Paintings. Recent projects include investigations into the environmental deterioration and control at the cathedrals of York, Canterbury, Durham, St Pauls and Westminster Abbey, and the Hypogeum Hal Saflini in Malta. He has recently co-authored the book on Building Environment as part of the English Heritage Practical Building Conservation series.

Gilchrist, John R.

Gilden Photonics Ltd

Dr Gilchrist is a co-founder of Gilden Photonics and the managing director. He is a specialist in time-resolved and steady-state optical spectroscopy and has had significant sales, marketing, technical, P&L and executive responsibilities in optical and spectroscopy businesses in both the UK and USA since 1985. Over the last 10 years he has been instrumental in the development of Hyperspectral Imaging Techniques in a wide range of scientific and industrial applications. John has held responsible posts in leading opto-electronics companies in both UK and USA since obtaining his PhD at Strathclyde University, Glasgow in 1986 for his research in opto-thermal transient emission radiometry – OTTER.
Dr. Gilchrist has been the industrial supervisor for more than 10 Phd and MSc students. He has held Visiting Professor positions at the University of Bath and also the University of Strathclyde. Moreover, he was a founder of the Hyper-spectral Centre of Excellence.

Hidalgo, Manuel


Manuel Hidalgo was born in Mexico, where he earned his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from U.N.A.M. (Autonomous National University of Mexico). He earned his Ph. D. degree in macromolecular materials from the University of Lyon I in France. In 1994, he joined Elf-Atochem at its Research and Development Center in Levallois – Perret, next to Paris. From 2002 to 2010, he worked full time at Arkema’s Research, and Development center in Pierre-Bénite, next to Lyon. Since 2011, and at present, he is co-project leader for a joint laboratory between CEA-INES (French National Institute on Solar Energy), and Arkema, located at Le Bourget du Lac, near Chambéry. In 2007 he was named one of Arkema’s first technical experts, and since 2016 he is a Senior Research Scientist for the company. Dr. Hidalgo holds more than 60 patents, and has published near 30 papers, all in the field of Polymer Science.

Hollis, David


I am an Applications Consultant covering North West Europe, as well as being Product Manager for the solid mechanics related products within LaVision. The primary mission of the company is to provide photonic measurement solutions to the scientific and industrial markets. LaVision is involved in an ongoing process of innovation and development of (laser) imaging systems, smart optical sensors, measurement technologies and software tools. Our company has considerable experience particularly in the field of strain monitoring and visualisation of structural defects, where our StrainMaster system has been used to analyse shape, deformation and strain. The technique employed to achieve these measurements is called Digital Image Correlation (DIC); one area which I have particular expertise in.

Laidlaw, Ian

Analytik Ltd

Ian is Managing Director and Founder of Analytik Ltd. The company, based in Cambridge, is a leading supplier of portable and handheld molecular spectroscopy systems. This includes Visible and Near-Infrared (Vis-NIR), FTIR (Mid IR), Raman, Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imaging Systems and Light Measurement Spectroradiometers, often sold to UK and Ireland conservation and heritage organisations. World Class instrumentation from leading manufacturers such as Agilent, ASD Inc, SciAps Inc, Headwall and Videometer A/S. Ian’s background and experience is mainly in the field of spectroscopy, chromatography and other analytical and diagnostic instrumentation. He has previously worked in Product Specialist, Sales Management, European Channel Management and European Business Development roles with major analytical instrumentation manufacturers such as Thermo Scientific, Varian, Jasco and Uson.

Mason, Lucy

Matelect Ltd, UK

Lucy is a Director of Matelect Ltd. The company, based in West London, has been a leading supplier of equipment for the detection and measurement of crack growth in metals, for over 35 years.  Matelect design and manufacture in the UK, and supply apparatus to research institutes and private industrial companies worldwide.  These instruments utilize an electrical method to follow cracking (AC and DC potential drop) and this has led to applications raging from the continuous monitoring of pressure vessels in the nuclear industry to testing metals that are used in jet engines and aircraft airframes.  The company has developed links with clients in many of the world’s major universities, but also works closely with major industrials in energy, nuclear, automotive, and aerospace sectors.   Lucy trained as a materials scientist to PhD level at Imperial College, and was involved in research into the use of advanced ceramics, such as zirconia, for orthopaedic implants.  She later qualified as a UK and European Patent Attorney and worked in private practice for many years before joining the IP department of a major industrial within the defence sector, helping to protect many inventions of national importance.  She now runs her own patent practice, with a number of clients in the defence industry, as well as maintaining her role in Matelect.

Petr, Michael

The Dow Chemical Company

Michael Petr is an Associate Research Scientist for the Dow Chemical Company where he leads projects to develop new process aids for the Plastics Additives business.  He has a BS in chemical engineering from Iowa State University and a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Stelfox, Dawson

Consarc Design Group

Worked as Architect with Consarc Design Group from 1983‐1989.
In 1995 rejoined Consarc to head the specialist team of Consarc Conservation, concentrating on restoration of historic buildings. Became a director of Consarc Design Group Ltd. in 1997 and Chairman in 2002, overseeing the company’s restoration of and move into the historic Gasworks building on the Ormeau Road, Belfast. Consarc is one of Ireland’s largest architectural practices and is well known for both conservation and new build project, including the Odyssey Complex, Lisburn Civic Centre, the Merchant Hotel Belfast and The Braid, Ballymena. Over the years Dawson has worked on some of the most important historic buildings in Northern Ireland including Parliament Buildings, St George’s Markets, McHugh’s Bar, St Patrick’s Schools in Donegall Street, St Matthew’s Church. Former President of the Royal Society of Ulster Architects (2008‐2010), honorary Secretary of the Mourne Heritage Trust, and a long standing activist in the Ulster Architectural Heritage Society. Currently Chair of the Outdoor Recreation NI (formerly CAAN) and chair of the RIBA Steering Group on Conservation Accreditation. Leaders were Dawson Stelfox and Frank Nugent and on 27th May 1993, Dawson became the first person from Ireland to climb Everest and the first from Britain or Ireland to climb the north ridge, the scene of Mallory and Irvine’s disappearance in 1924.

Talgorn, Elise


Elise Talgorn is an inventor and storyteller. She was trained as a physicist, with a focus on opto-electronic materials for renewable energy, lighting as well as art conservation. Today she works as a strategic design researcher at Philips Design and explores new ideation processes for healthcare innovation.

Toth, Mike

R B Toth Associates

President and Chief Technology Officer of R.B.Toth Associates, which provides a range of strategic services for organizations seeking to structure appropriate and practical responses to complex issues. He provides systems integration, program management and strategic planning for the study, preservation and display of cultural objects for museums and libraries. This includes planning and managing the Archimedes Palimpsest Imaging Project, spectral imaging of the Waldseemuller 1507 World Map, drafts of the Gettysburg Address in Lincoln’s hand and other manuscripts at the Library of Congress. He has worked with and managed advanced imaging systems at the Walters Art Museum and the Library of Congress, as well as X-ray fluorescence imaging at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. His work is cited in the book The Archimedes Codex and several articles.

Turner, Robert

Eura Conservation Ltd

Company director and senior conservator. Interests include SME involvement in conservation research and macro-conservation, the application of museum approaches to large-scale cultural heritage projects.

van Harreveld, Ton


Founder and currently innovation officer of Odournet, an international group of consultants on assessing and managing environmental nuisance odours and sensory assessment of products and materials. Ton has had a hand in developing olfactometry into a standardised method, culminating in the EN13725 European standard for olfactometry. His current interest moves towards the molecular perspective on odours and the holy grail of continuous odour measurement using instrumental sensors. Making sense of sensory.

Vermeulen, Koert

ACT Lighting Design

Koert Vermeulen founded ACT Lighting Design, an independent lighting & visual design agency, in Brussels/Belgium in 1995 and began creating lighting-, set-, video- and content designs for large-scale events, “sound & light” shows, theatre and music productions. Since 1998, he has expanded his work towards architectural lighting design for retail projects, city master plans, heritage sites and exhibitions.

In 2005, Koert designs for Franco Dragone the lighting & video for the prestigious permanent aquatic spectacle “Le Rêve”, at the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel & Casino in USA. In the same year he was appointed as a professor at the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. In 2010 Koert was selected to be the principal lighting and multimedia designer for the opening and closing ceremony of the first Youth Olympic Games in Singapore.

Since 2006, he develops a new expression of contemporary Light Art installations such as “OVO” multi-sensory art object, “Tree rings” installation on the Champs-Elysées Avenue in Paris (2011 – 2014) and latest in date “Timeless Elegance” (2015-2017) illumination of Regent Street in London.

Current innovative projects include notably “Neopter”, new generation of drones destined to entertainment industry and “Immersive Experience”, a multi-sensory approach to the architecture and retail environment.

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