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Mobile Heritage Lab visit to the Mary Rose Museum, Portsmouth

In July 2017 the SEAHA mobile heritage lab visited the Mary Rose Museum for two days, to coincide with the start of Archaeology week. Along with the lab came two SEAHA students working on Mary rose projects, who worked alongside the conservation team. It was also supported by a team of our volunteers who set up shop next to us with a display of replicas.

The aim of this event was to show the public how critical science and engineering is to the Mary Rose, for determining our conservation strategies and also for our understanding of the artefacts. The lab was absolutely brilliant in terms of ease of use and adaptability for incorporating kit. We used some of the kit already in there and added in some of our own.

The event was a huge success and certainly showed a new side of the Mary Rose museum to a number of our visitors. In addition, it was a great opportunity for the PhD students to interact with our team and for the staff to learn more about all the science research going on.
The support of the SEAHA team not only during the event, but in the lead up to it, was exceptional. All in all a fabulous facility, which I hope I will manage to use again!

Dr Eleanor Schofield Head of Conservation & Collections Care Mary Rose Museum 27 October 2017

Centre for Doctoral Training in Science and Engineering in Arts Heritage and Archaeology