For full details of the conference proceedings, please refer to the Book of Abstracts (PDF, 1.5 MB).

At the request of the authors, a subset of posters and presentations have been made available online.


Garside, D. – Interviewing Museum Professionals: How is Museum Lighting Selected?

Schmitt, L., and Bianco, A. — Improving RTI methods for research on early prints: a collaborative approach


Angelova, L., Ormsby, B. — NanoRestart at Tate: Exploring Novel Tailored Systems for Cleaning Plastic and Synthetic Paint Surfaces

Hancock, M. — The Effects of Drying Oils on Corrosion when Combined with Moisture

Hancock, M. — Could Digital Negatives Printed with Ink Jet Printers on Acetate film Create an Authentic Photographic PrinPrint

Kalliabetsou, D., Nikolakopoulou, V. — Interaction design for mobile multimedia systems for display of digital heritage in ecosystems of heritage chruches

Platia, N., Chatzidakis, M., Doerr, K., Harami, L., Bekiari, Ch., Melessanaki, K., Hatzigiannakis, K., Pouli, P. — “’POLYGNOSIS”: Educational Knowledge Web Platform and semantically linked Thesaurus on optical and laser-based techniques for Cultural Heritage analysis and diagnosis”

Whitman, C. — Pre and post-retrofit monitoring of a timber-framed National Trust let property.

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SEAHA Conference 2015. Credit: E. K. Webb.

Centre for Doctoral Training in Science and Engineering in Arts Heritage and Archaeology