Cohort Activities

The major difference the Centre for Doctoral Training makes in a doctoral student’s experience is in the full programme of cohort activities, designed to make studies particularly exciting and fulfilling, but also challenging. SEAHA students need to take part in these activities.

The cohort activities have different foci and audiences:

  • Learning-focussed: SEAHA Training Courses, Group Projects and SEAHA Invited Lectures. These activities enrich the student learning experience and should be attended by all SEAHA students.
  • Internal dissemination-focussed: SEAHA Residential Events, SEAHA Career Fair. These activities are to encourage peer-to-peer discussion and cross-fertilisation of projects, as well as discussion with partners – potential employers, typically attended by all students and supervisors.
  • External dissemination-focussed: SEAHA Conference, SEAHA Public Engagement Events and Heritage Science Research Network

These events are aimed at the public and will provide an excellent platform for dissemination of research.

SEAHA Training Courses

SEAHA Training Courses are organised three times per academic year. These training courses may last from a couple of days to a week, and are intensive, focussed, skills-oriented training activities.

The training topics (approved by the SEAHA Steering Committee) are announced in the academic calendar. The training is developed in collaboration with Project Partners: research, heritage and industrial and may well take place at non-university premises, e.g. in a museum, company or at a large research facility.

Group Projects

The annual Group Projects are an important aspect of SEAHA. They help to develop research topics and skills that are relevant to research projects, and at the same time they enable students to develop the following essential skills:

  • Real-world problem solving
  • Communication skills on several levels: with managers, curators, conservators, researchers
  • Working in interdisciplinary teams
  • Time, team and project management

Each student is required to take part in three projects, one in each of Years 1, 2 and 3.

SEAHA Invited Lectures

The SEAHA invited lectures are organised monthly, mostly at the collaborating universities and cover cutting edge research, policy, business and other topics related to SEAHA.

It is strongly recommended for students to attend the invited lectures and engage in discussions with speakers. The lectures are open to the general public and other researchers and PhD students, and thus represent excellent networking opportunities.

SEAHA Residential Events

The Residential Events are organised as away days to discuss and plan the year ahead (First Residential) or to brainstorm and revise the ongoing activity (Second Residential) in a mutually supportive and challenging way, while supporting team building activities. Both residentials are compulsory for all students to attend and will be accompanied by Steering Committee and Student Board meetings.

SEAHA Career Fair

The SEAHA Career Fairs are organised to introduce students and their research to potential employers, and vice versa, to introduce companies and institutions interested in working with young cross-disciplinary professionals, to the students.

SEAHA Conference

SEAHA conferences are organised annually. The 2-day public events represent an ideal opportunity for students to present their research, as they are open not only to all SEAHA Partners, but also to the general public, potential investors and employers.

The conferences will be organised and managed by an Organisational Committee, with student members advised by supervisors.

SEAHA Public Engagement Events

The public engagement dimension of SEAHA is extremely important. All the research students do is relevant to the general public, as they have an all-important stake in cultural heritage. Therefore, public engagement will be a continuous activity, although it will by necessity intensify during certain events.

Each October, in order to showcase SEAHA research to the general public, a SEAHA Public Engagement Event is organised at a heritage institution, such as a museum, gallery, archive or library.

Centre for Doctoral Training in Science and Engineering in Arts Heritage and Archaeology