Tate Britain to host Cleaning Modern Oil Paints event

Cleaning Modern Oil Paints (CMOP – a joint programming initiative in Cultural Heritage), in collaboration with the Modern Oils Research Consortium (MORC), invites you to join them at Tate Britain, London on Friday 11 November 2016, 10 – 12am.

This gathering offers participants an opportunity to contribute case studies, discuss a cleaning problem that has been encountered in the studio or share current developments in ongoing research relevant to the surface cleaning of modern oil paints. Participants are welcome to simply attend, but contributions are encouraged – so anyone wishing to informally present at the meeting should get in touch with the event organiser. There will also be a brief  introduction on the CMOP project and a sharing of recent progress.

There is no charge to attend, however registration is essential, this is done via email to John McNeill, Collection Care Research Manager, Tate (John.McNeill@tate.org.uk) before 1 November 2016. If applicable, please also include in your email a short description of a contribution/short presentation you would like to make.

For further information, please see:

CMOP – http://www.tate.org.uk/about/projects/cleaning-modern-oil-paints

MORC – http://www.tate.org.uk/about/projects/modern-oils-research-consortium

Header image: Winsor and Newton oil paint swatch donated by CoIArt UK © Tate 2014